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Ensino de Números Complexos no Ensino Médio, Técnico e Superior: um Mapeamento de Produções Brasileiras



This work presents a theoretical mapping of articles that address the teaching of complex numbers in High School, Technical, and Higher Education, published in Brazilian journals. This study aimed to identify how complex numbers are approached in higher education, seeking to recognize the available resources, verify different conceptions, research methodologies, and planned or applied approaches. The articles were selected from journals of categories A1, A2, and B1, in the teaching area of the 2013-2016 quadrennium. The analysis carried out reveals that complex numbers are considered prior knowledge by engineering professors and that academics, however, do not have this knowledge. In research considered in the mapping, the problem of complex numbers or electrical circuits predominates. Therefore, the mapping presented in this work shows the need to investigate this topic and the relevance of proposing a pedagogical alternative to assist teachers and academics.

Volume 9
Pages 40-58
DOI 10.5752/P.2316-9451.2021V9NESPP40-58
Language English
Journal None

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