The Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society | 2019

Smart phone dependence Intervention Program meta-analysis for elementary school students



Reckless use of the Internet by children is a barrier to daily life and has a negative impact on children s physical, psychological and relational aspects. But more and more children depend on the Internet. Thus, the study conducted a meta-analysis to examine the effectiveness of group programs that involve Internet addiction among elementary school students. The study analyzed 18 studies of a local Internet group counseling program. First, the overall effectiveness of Internet-dependent group programs that cause Internet addiction reduction in elementary school students is shown to be g=0.90, indicating that group counseling programs are effective in reducing Internet addiction and changing related variables. Second, as a result of verifying differences between groups, there were differences in effectiveness in voluntary participation motivations. Therefore, intervention by elementary school students requires preventive training for smart phones so that voluntary participation can occur, and education for parents to develop autonomy for children to use smartphones properly. And rather than making these efforts limited to smart phones, IT retriever education needs to be organized.

Volume 20
Pages 144-152
DOI 10.5762/KAIS.2019.20.2.144
Language English
Journal The Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society

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