Medico-Legal Update | 2019

study on the Knowledge, optimistic bias and engagement with AIDs in Nursing students



Our country is the only country with an increasing number of AIDS infections. To combat this reality, the knowledge and thought related to AIDS was to find out how it relates to the practice of preventing AIDS. The knowledge and optimistic bias and involvement of AIDS related to university students majoring in nursing were investigated to find out how the three variables were related. Statistical results were calculated using SPSS 18.0. Looking at the relationship between AIDS-related knowledge, optimistic bias, AIDS involvement, self-respect and self-control, the higher AIDS-related knowledge, the higher the self-esteem and self-control. The higher the optimistic bias, the higher the level of AIDS involvement, and the lower the self-respect and self-control. The higher the level of AIDS involvement, the higher the sense of selfrespect, and the higher the self-esteem, the higher the sense of self-control. A high level of knowledge and involvement in AIDS is likely to be implemented as a positive health act on AIDS prevention. Therefore, we hope to reduce the growth rate of AIDS infections by providing accurate knowledge and information about AIDS, especially for teenagers and college students who are seeing an increase in AIDS infection.

Volume 19
Pages 699
DOI 10.5958/0974-1283.2019.00258.5
Language English
Journal Medico-Legal Update

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